In today’s internet-based business world, utilizing a CRM is more important than ever. It can help you gain new customers and, more importantly, help you in retaining those new customers over the years. 

CRM stands for “Customer Relation Management,” and it refers to a complete system that assists you with customer and prospect management. This type of system helps your business stay connected to your customers and prospects in a way that will improve your profitability. 

We feel that your website should have a CRM platform built into it. A CRM platform will help you find new customers, win their business, and keep them happy. The system organizes your customer and prospect information in such a way that helps you communicate with them where they feel you understand and care about them. When you interact this way, you build stronger relationships, and a stronger customer relationship will result in your business growing faster.

We build your system to start by collecting your customer’s (and your prospect’s) name, email address, and even their phone number. The system then stores personal details, such as a customer’s or prospect’s personal preferences on communications.

You’ll be able to see everything in one place and keep up with what communications you’ve had with them in the past and see what communications are currently ongoing with them. 

Now you’ll have a clear overview of your customers and prospects. Never text or email the wrong information to the wrong type of contact again.


Email / Text Marketing

We feel your marketing & communication automation should be easy and contained within one simple platform. When used in conjunction with your CRM, this will be your most valuable communication tool.

In building happy customers from interested prospects, there is a place for text marketing, and there is a place for email marketing. We feel you should utilize both.

Text messaging is a communication method that allows you to stay in front of your customers. With this, you can quickly reach, promote, announce, and engage with your customers via text directly to their cell phones. Text marketing also comes with the ability to send bulk text messages to a large number of your contacts all at once.

Email marketing is one communication avenue that you don’t want to miss. It is perfect for developing and maintaining relationships with your customers or prospects. You also use this form of communication to educate and help them. An interesting statistic shows that 94% of internet users use email, while only 61% use social media!

So we feel you should utilize both text messaging and email marketing in growing your business. You’ll have unparalleled opportunities to reach your customers and prospects instantly.